Underground Legends

The Pioneers of old Essex lyricism, the loner phenomenon from the Northwest, the indestructible heart of Boston's epicness, the Godfather of Italian battle Rap. Legends of the Underground united to a Power-Rap-Crew called Underground Legends. Einzelgänger, Kaotic Concrete, Tekneek, Mr.G & Micky Gargano.


The group Underground Legends was started by Einzelgänger, who started to work with numerous Artists for his productions through the Internet. This is how the friendship started between him, Mr.G and Tekneek. Concrete came into the picture through a mutual friend, who set up a meeting to record a verse for Einzelgänger’s 1st Record "Dr Wäg Vo Mim Gaischt" entitled as "The way of my spirit" in english in the Year 2010. "The Clash of The Titans" is Einzelgänger’s 8th Album Project and Release. Micky Gargano and Concrete did some music and shows together and since opportunities to produce and release music independently started to decline, they began recording verses with Einzelgänger.


The Clash Of The Titans, first Crew-Album was Released on January 20th, 2017. A Journey through the dark world of Titans and Legends. It marks gloomy, frequently dark Story's of the Underworld. Rap in 3 Languages (English, Swiss Dialect & Italian) gives the Record an emotional very diversified mix on a spectrum of 19 Songs. Majestic Melodic Powerful Epic Boom Bap Beats taking the Album to a rare Masterpiece! All Songs are Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered By Einzelgänger. Gesto (IT), Kue The Vandal (USA), Kryptic (NZ), Speciez (CAN) & Apache (FR) are supporting the Record on Guest appearances.